Code of Conduct

A copy of our current Code of Conduct can be found here.

Harassment and Grievances

If you have experienced harassment in a SnoCo DSA space or involving SnoCo DSA members please let us know. The following email address is checked by and only accessible to our Harassment and Grievance Officers (HGOs). No emails sent to the HGOs will be shared. Information will only be shared when the accused is being asked to write a written response, and when the Steering Committee receives the Harassment and Grievance form to make a remedy determination.

Additional reporting resources and advice can be found through the DSA national Harassment and Grievance hotline:

A full description of SnoCo DSA’s grievance reporting process can be found in our bylaws and in the details of DSA’s National Harassment Policy (Resolution 33).

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Community Links

There are several DSA chapters in the Pacific Northwest: