Labor Support Etiquette

After decades of right-wing attacks on labor rights, unions have begun to fight back in recent years. SnoCo DSA should be involved in supporting those struggles.

However, our goal when supporting pickets or strikes is not to promote DSA, but instead to build worker solidarity and create a community where working people come out to aid one another in the fight for fair wages and working conditions.

What to Do:

When at an event, talk to whoever is leading the action (sometimes referred to as a ‘captain’) and tell them that you are there to support them if they need help. Passing out water bottles, picking up food and joining in chants are common ways to support workers. Bringing your own sign such as “I Support Grocery Workers” is often appreciated.

What to Avoid:

We are not at labor events to promote DSA so avoid wearing any DSA gear or talking about the organization or our work in the community. If asked directly by workers, feel free to talk briefly about what brought you to support the event, and if they are interested provide some quick literature or direct them to SnoCo DSA’s website/social media.