Committees and Working Groups

As per the bylaws, committees are internal structures to the organization whose members may join or leave at-will. Committees may choose to appoint chairs or selected representatives to be non-voting members of the Steering Committee. Snohomish County DSA has established the following committees:

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee will be tasked with making recommendations to the membership on changes to the Local Chapter Bylaws to accommodate the Local Chapter’s growth, or changes in the Local Chapter’s priorities, as is further outlined in Article X, Section 2 of the bylaws. The Bylaws Committee can be contacted via

Internal Elections Committee

The Internal Elections Committee will be tasked with running the annual Re-Organization meeting, Steering Committee elections, National Convention delegate elections and any emergency vacancy elections. This includes but is not li:mited to soliciting nominations, announcing nominees, providing proxy voting means and counting and certifying ballots.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is our membership outreach program, dedicated to creating and communicating a safe, open, and non-judgmental environment for new and existing members to grow, participate, and enjoy. The Snohomish County DSA is dedicated to compassionate and democratic organizing, and as such we are committed to ensuring that no voice feels left out or unconfident in expressing what they believe is right. The welcoming committee shall facilitate the onboarding of new members. This onboarding will include: A welcome packet introducing the chapter, hosting one on ones with new members to help plug into existing chapter work or guiding the members in starting new work, hosting socials to connect various members.

Tech and Comms Committee


The Tech and Comms Committee shall be a standing committee with two elected co-chairs. These chairs will work with the membership to ensure that the committee has both tech skills and comms skills represented in the committee.

Elections for the Tech and Comms committee will be open to all members in good standing. After the initial election, subsequent elections will coincide with Steering Committee elections (aka chapter reorgs). After leadership is elected, the committee may create additional positions within the committee as needed. Any member in good standing may serve in an elected position in the committee. Any member may participate in projects that the committee undertakes. All members participating in communications projects must agree to abide by the SnoCo DSA Social Media Guidelines.

Temporary credentials will be provided as needed by the steering committee. The committee may decide to open meetings and other projects to the general public as needed if it does not present a significant risk to the chapter. Membership data will be provided to the Tech and Comms committee only as needed at the discretion of the Secretary and when efforts have been made to limit the exposure of that data. The Tech and Comms committee will follow security best practices and will work with the Secretary to periodically audit access to tech and communications platforms and remove access to departing members as appropriate. The tech committee will hold periodic reviews of security practices and make a best effort to improve security practices afterwards.

The general membership may direct the Tech and Comms committees to assume more duties via a standard motion.

Labor and Strike Support Working Group

In 2020 and 2021 the United States saw huge strike waves and pushes to organize workers, both formally and informally. As socialists, we must offer support to other workers in their struggle against exploitation. As such, we formed the Labor and Strike Support Working Group so we can keep an eye out for labor actions around Snohomish County and lend support in any way we can.

Tenant’s Rights Working Group

The Tenant’s Rights Working Group was formed to support an effort to secure improved rights for tenants inspired by the efforts in Seattle and Bellingham. With housing prices spiraling out of control, now more than effort it is important to make sure that tenants can afford safe and secure housing.